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Favourite Colour Schemes

Leica Very Simple Colour scheme, of red, black, and grey. It matches the colours of the Leica camera itself, with the more muted colour of black and grey allowing the iconic red of the Leica design. This minimalist approach to the colour design also ties in perfectly with the minimalism of the product itself. Colnago […]

Three Examples of Beautiful Web Typography

New York Times I really love the New York Times use of Typography. I think it manages, perfectly the transition from print to the web. It manages to imitate the sophistication of the print design, with the legibility of a reliable web font. For the Main ‘New York Times’ masthead they use nameplate traditional […]

The Importance of Structure

Workflow It is important to consider how a web page is structured in terms of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is useful to consider the web standards model “CSS Presentation, HTML structure, JavaScript behaviour.”  This helps both in an organizational sense in that it helps organize your workflow and what to focus on first when […]

Three Designed Objects

Object 1:  Zero Japan Ceramic Teapot with Strainer This is an apparently simple object I use nearly every day and has lots of useful and clever design touches which make it convenient and pleasurable to use. A little while ago, a friend introduced me to loose-leaf teas, and ever since I have gone through numerous […]