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Small Business Revisited Improvements Report- Eddy Haynes

Original Site Analysis Overall, for the website’s original design, I was satisfied with establishing a clear brand identity with the logo, colours and engaging copy. I felt that the copy emphasised the benefits of visiting the physical shop, such as ‘smelling the fresh dough’ and being filled in on the local gossip, along with highlighting […]

CSS Custom Properties What are they, how can they be used and what are there key use cases? – By Eddy Haynes and Miri Jones

CSS custom properties, sometimes called variables or cascading variables contain specific values that allow coders to reuse them throughout the document. In this article, we discuss what they are, how they can be used with various methods, key use cases, uniqueness, and a summary of why they are worth including in your document. What They Are […]

UX and Me Article- by Eddy Haynes

In this article, I will describe how the principles of user experience design and the insights that I gained from the two workshops on user experience design and research will inform the development of my project. This is both in terms of the overall approach of user experience design and how it emphasises identifying and […]