Favourite Colour Schemes


Very Simple Colour scheme, of red, black, and grey. It matches the colours of the Leica camera itself, with the more muted colour of black and grey allowing the iconic red of the Leica design. This minimalist approach to the colour design also ties in perfectly with the minimalism of the product itself.

Colnago Bikes

This is another brand which uses a very simple colour scheme on their website, which fits with the colours of the logo.  They had a lot of colours to choose from with this design with the brand colours having, green, white, gold and red but I like how they pared it back with the white and gold and in the case of the dark mode black and gold. I think this approach fits with the simple beauty of the design of the bikes with the gold conveying the fact that the bikes are a high-end luxury product.

Liberia Book Shop London

This is quite different to the others in that it is very bright and colourful. Reflecting the playfulness of the bookshop itself. It uses bright primary, colours of yellow and orange. However, by using the orange subtly as small accents the colours do not clash and the website is still legible and a pleasure to read. I like how the use of colours creates the impression of lots of energy, excitement contrasting against the image some people might have of book shops as being dry, and serious places. This fits particularly well with the library’s aim of trying to appeal to as broad an audience as possible including people who might not normally be attracted to book shops.

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