Three Examples of Beautiful Web Typography

New York Times

I really love the New York Times use of Typography. I think it manages, perfectly the transition from print to the web. It manages to imitate the sophistication of the print design, with the legibility of a reliable web font. For the Main ‘New York Times’ masthead they use nameplate traditional font, updated in 1960 by Ed Benguiat. I like how they have kept this to give the user a feel of reading the paper but have otherwise modernised the fonts used in the rest of the website, for a better experience reading the content. According to my research the New York Times, no longer uses Times New Roman on the website but has switched to Georgia because it is wider and easier to read.

The Design Museum

One of my favourite places in London. You would expect the typographic design of the design museum to be good. It’s clean, modern, and legible but also has a unique identity, looking futuristic and almost architectural, with its thin, neat lettering, and precise kerning. From my research, it uses a combination of FF Schulbuch a custom designed font from Studio Fernando Guterrrez. It also uses Neue Helevetica in the body text and in the ‘the’ of the logo for the design museum which enhances readability online.

Curzon Cinema

Another one of my favourite places to go in London and also a brand that has a general design which is very aesthetically pleasing. Curzon uses a Futura Font, which “refers to a modernist, early Bauhaus era,” according to designer Afroditi Krassa, who worked on the design of the cinemas interiors. The font has a sophisticated edge, fitting the general art-deco looks of the cinema, and giving you a sense of that atmosphere on the site’s webpage. It is also practical in the sense. That it is very legible, which is important for site when you need to take in a lot of information, film description, time, language etc, when viewing the website.

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