The Importance of Structure


  • It is important to consider how a web page is structured in terms of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It is useful to consider the web standards model “CSS Presentation, HTML structure, JavaScript behaviour.
  •  This helps both in an organizational sense in that it helps organize your workflow and what to focus on first when building a webpage.  Building up from HTML to JavaScript enables you not to invest time in too complex features, before you have built the essential building blocks of the site, and helps you prioritize your time accordingly. Also, in terms of ‘content first design’, that your design’s first port of call is that your content can be read before you add more complex functionality. From a client perspective, most clients’ first-priority is that their content can be read and understood online, so they communicate whatever they need to users. Whether that is information on their companies services or information on where a society or club meet and what the club’s history is. In most workplace scenarios, you want to make sure your website works in the most basic sense before you impress them, with clever design and coding.
  • Also, in terms of file structures, it gives you an idea of how you might structure your files. The idea of layers is useful to consider when building a file structure which might house many components but needs to be easily accessible by you to use.

Conceptual- Ethical

  • It is also useful in considering building designs that are as accessible as possible both in terms of accessibility (in terms of disability) a website needs a simple structure to enable those using screen-readers or other assistive technology to use the site effectively.
  •  In terms of literal access, some people may be using weak internet connections or browsing through older technology which is going to struggle to support complicated websites (for example, Gmail basic HTML version)
  • I like that with ‘progressive enhancement’ you don’t have to alienate users who want more complex features but you ensure that you get the basics down first.

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